Iceland – Day 7

Góðafoss & Akureyri

Since we were able to check all the sights we wanted to see around Lake Myvatn off our list the day prior, we decided to head out to our next chosen destinations, Góðafoss waterfall and the city of Akureyi. Góðafoss is a sprawling waterfall with beautiful, snow-dripped mountains in the background. We spent time prancing around puddles of water and balancing on peeking black rocks to get the best views of the crashing falls. After we got our fill of waterfalls for the day, we headed to the Capital of the North, Akureyri.

Akureyi is the second largest city in Iceland and it is super cute! We stumbled upon the energetic and quaint downtown area where we stopped for brunch at a precious cafe, then spent time meandering the streets and admiring the culture. We saw creative juices plastered on the buildings in the form of murals and post-it note pictures. We saw beautiful architecture. We saw troll statues and heart-shaped red lights. We saw bright pops of colors on the buildings. We saw lots of happy faces. All of it just pointed to the fun personality of this vibrant city!

We found out that there was a botanical garden nearby and with my love of flower fields, it was a no-brainer that we had to check it out. I was in flower heaven! I have seriously never seen so many different types of plants and flowers in my life! My camera definitely got its workout for the day as we strolled the pathways. The weather was sunny and perfect, and it was nice to just relax outside for a while without an agenda to meet or anywhere to be. We just enjoyed and breathed it all in before heading to our hotel.

Our hotel, Guesthouse Pétursborg, looked like it was set in Switzerland with the surrounding mountains and sweet cabins. We spent time walking the grounds and having a photo session with the Icelandic horses. The owners, Christian and Andrea, were so friendly and gave us tips on things to do and see. After a short rest, we were ready to heed one of Christian’s suggestions and headed out to see the Christmas House… a Christmas shop that is open ALL year long! Flowers and Christmas all in one day?!?  Someone pinch me!

The Christmas House did not disappoint! I had a permanent smile the whole visit through. Christmas just has a spirit about it that does that to you, right? I loved walking in to see the wood burning fireplace, decorated Christmas trees, toy soldiers, taffy candies, shiny ornaments, fresh-baked cookies, Santa statues, candy canes, stockings, and all things that paint the Christmas season. So fun! All that Christmas spirit left us longing for a feast so we headed back downtown for dinner before calling it a night. It was a good day for a good day!



Botanical Garden

Hotel Grounds

Christmas House


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